Alpakable Alpaca Farm

The Büchel family lives in the middle of the Zurich Oberland on a former farm together with six alpacas and practices the traditional craft of processing raw wool.

Visit the alpaca farm

A visit (only upon prior reservation) may include the following:

Getting to know the alpacas

  • How do alpacas communicate?
  • What does posture and ear position mean?

Approaching the alpacas

  • How do I behave towards an alpaca?
  • Can I pet an alpaca?
  • How can I touch an alpaca?

Training with the alpacas

  • Do the alpacas listen to their name?
  • What exercises are possible with the alpacas?

Processing alpaca wool

  • What does alpaca wool feel like?
  • How do you process alpaca wool?

Costs: CHF 50.- per person including a small self-made product from alpaca wool.
The visit can be booked for individuals and groups of up to 25 people.

Working together with people in difficult life situations

The alpaka farm also has a social purpose. Together with people in difficult life situations, the Büchel family produces alpaca wool products to improve their social and financial situation.

Opening hours

By appointment and arrangement.

Alpakable Alpaca Farm
Heizibüelstrasse 6
8617 Mönchaltorf
Phone: +41 76 402 09 13
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