Castles, Churches and Monasteries


Altlandenberg Castle Ruin

The remains of the walls from the palace, the curtain wall and the gates are…


Ritterhaus Bubikon

The Ritterhaus looks back on over 800 years of history of the Order of St.…


Fischingen Monastery

Fischingen Monastery is the only monastic community in the canton of Thurgau…

Schloss Greifensee

Greifensee Castle

The castle that has served as a residence for the governors of the imperial…

Schloss Grüningen

Grüningen Castle

The castle is Grüningen's landmark. It holds a prominent spot and lends the…

Stedtli Grüningen

Grüningen Castle Museum

Exciting facts about the history of the small town of Grüningen.

Schloss Kyburg

Kyburg Castle Museum

Kyburg Castle emerges 150 meters above the Töss river with a view over the…


Maur Museums

Local history collection including tools from manufacture and agriculture,…

Pfäffikon ZH

Roman Castle Pfäffikon

Head out to Pfäffikon ZH and visit the historical Roman castle. Built in the…

Gemeindechronik Rüti
Rüti ZH

Village Chronicle Room Rüti

The modern but over 100 year old village chronicle is located at the time-honoured…


Uster Castle

Uster Castle reigns over the city as a landmark visible from afar. Don't hesitate…

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