Altlandenberg Castle Ruin

The remains of the walls from the palace, the curtain wall and the gates are still clearly recognizable. The castle is situated high above the Altlandenberg district of Bauma.

Recreation nearby

A well, fire places, benches and the gorgeous view over the Töss valley invite you to discover and linger. Use the train underpass from the village centre and the station and cross the Töss river. Just across the water starts the signposted trail that takes you up to the castle in 20 minutes.

Short reign

Around the year 1200, Altlandenberg castle was built on a hill with a view above Töss river. It was only 115 years later when the last knights, Rudolf and his son Pantaleon, fell on the side of the Habsburgs in the Battle of Morgarten. The castle was returned to the Abbey of St.Gallen, fell into the hands of different owners and was given to the city of Zurich in 1549 who then lent it on. Hans Rüegg was mentioned as a last owner of Altlandenberg, who volunteered in 1651 to offer bricks of the castle for the construction of the church. The castle ruin was exposed and restored in 1958/63. As a popular excursion destination, it is situated right at the one of the well-known Guyer-Zeller hiking trails.
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