Craft & Studio


Fly Ceramics Pottery

The studio offers a wide range of handmade art and utility ceramics. Please…


Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill

Textile handicrafts have a long tradition in the Zurich Oberland. One of the…


Steinauer Art Garden and Gallery

Have a closer look at the artist family's iron works and check out their sculptures…


Alpakable Alpaca Farm

The Büchel family lives in the middle of the Zurich Oberland on a former farm…

Atelier Charly Bühler

Studio Gallery Charly Bühler

A visit to the studio of the artist Charly Bühler is always a special experience.…

Pinselstrich Keramik
Rüti ZH

Pottery Painting

Be it as a family, a company or group excursion, you have come to the right…

Wald ZH

Lozzi Museum

Marvel at the amazing objects by sculptor Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi from up close…

Teamevents Auswärts

Action Painting for Company and Team Events

In action painting, various colours are applied experimentally in drop or spray…

Glasbläserei Burri

Glassblower René Burri

Many of the different original glass creations by René Burri are sold all over…

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