Studio Gallery Charly Bühler

Atelier Charly Bühler
A visit to the studio of the artist Charly Bühler is always a special experience. You will find his roosters on a dung heap, sitting on a bike or in the conference rooms of executive suites.

Charly Bühler, born in 1941, is well-known as “the chicken artist“ in Switzerland. But this does not cover everything he has accomplished. He exhibited his first impressionistic egg paintings in 1974 and turned to chickens a little later when friends gave him two chickens on the occasion of his house-warming party. He discovered how the world of chickens provides an amazingly useful mirror of human interactions.


The studio is located in Saland. Group size for visits is up to approximately 30 people, cocktails upon request.
Charly & Margaritha Bühler
Frohwies 1
8493 Saland
Tel. +41 52 385 27 15
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