Kleintal Turnery

Drechslerei Kleintal
Get a unique and full insight into the work processes of the 19th century at the picturesque village of Kleintal. The one-hundred-year-old machines show how the Rüegg brothers produced wood products with water power.

Hard work in an idyll

In 1858, three brothers of the Rüegg family founded the turnery at the hill of the idyllic village of Kleintal. The turnery was in operation for three generations and experienced the technological change during this period: First, the water wheel was replaced by a turbine and later the petrol lamp was replaced by electric light. Because the valley was so remote, the workers lived right at the house. Day in, day out, they mainly produced spindles and bobbins for the textile industry, earning CHF 1 per day. When plastic and light metal came up, the turnery started to produce pepper mills, candlesticks, and toys. However, in 1965, the company was facing empty order books. In 1980, the turnery was listed as a historical monument and the newly founded Kleintal cooperative started to support the run-down business. When the cooperative was dissolved in 2001, the decay of the turnery was once again at stake. To prevent this, a group of courageous people came together and founded an association for the preservation of the Kleintal turnery. 14 active members of the association and numerous passive members are responsible for the fact that we find the historical turnery in such good condition today.

Rolling, rattling and turning

Our committed staff will show you how hydroelectric power makes the turbine and the gang saw work. Afterwards, you can watch how the running machines produce beautiful wood products on the woodturning lathe. If you wish, you can finish your visit with a barbecue.

Guided tour
  • 1.5 - 2 hours
  • from CHF 150
  • Gold panning at the Fuchsloch creek

    If you are still looking for adventure after your visit to the turnery, "Goldfinger-Zinni" Markus Zinniker will take you on a search for gold at the Fuchslochbach. 
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