Chronicle archive of the community of Bauma

Find out about the most interesting and the most peculiar village stories.


The chronicle archive collects documents relating to the community of Bauma. The collection covers a large amount of books, cards and around 60 folders. In addition, you will find over 12,000 pictures of events, people and buildings. A large part thereof is registered in a database and may be accessed via the internet. Learn about the history of Bauma, its houses, their former and present owners, street development, hamlets and their past or about Bauma's peculiar or 'normal' citizens.

Guided tours

Guided tours through town upon request. Please contact Mr Walter Ledermann under +41 52 386 10 86.
Opening hours
Every last Saturday of a month (except for December) 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Gemeindehaus Bauma
Dorfstrasse 41
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 386 10 86
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