Neue Spinnerei Restaurant & Bar

Neue Spinnerei
The rooms of the former Aathal cotton spinning mill have been revived.

Our commitment to your well-being

Similar to how the Streiff family has once managed their spinning mill company with the highest quality standards and much personality, we would also like to ensure maximum commitment to your well-being at our restaurant, in the garden, or at the bar.


At the restaurant We serve a creative range of freshly prepared meals. A small snack, market-fresh salad, tender vegetables, fresh pasta, or a juicy piece of meat – the perfect option for any desire. We usually buy our ingredients directly from the region. Enjoy our selection of wine or a cool beer with your meal.

At the trendy bar and lounge Choose from a wide variety of fresh Swiss draught beers and a wide range of bottled beer specialities from Switzerland and abroad. Our barkeeper will be happy to mix refreshing cocktails for you or serve you a glass of excellent wine.

A snug garden At the large courtyard behind the building, you will totally forget about the daily traffic through the busy Aathal. A gentle murmuring of the «Millionenbach», the lush green of the forest, and two old birches in the yard make you feel as if you were in the middle of nature.

Arrival and opening hours

The new parking area with 300 parking lots and Aathal railway station directly behind the building, guarantee the easiest access to the restaurant.

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Neue Spinnerei Restaurant & Bar
Zürichstrasse 17
8607 Aathal-Seegräben
Tel +41 (0)44 972 22 88
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