Schöntal Restaurant

The Schöntal restaurant serves fresh and seasonal products from the region.

Fresh and seasonal with regional ingredients

Our rooms reflect the charm of the good old times.
Our cuisine, however, is modern inspiration added to traditional dishes.

Expect great and neatly served food varying from simple to complex dishes. Enjoy our famous cordon bleu or a chateaubriand as well as traditional stews. We also feature almost forgotten dishes like tripe or so called 'grick' (heart & lung).

Check out the special on our menu that changes according to the season and may include asparagus, goat, fish and venison from the local woods or select our gourmet menu with or without accompanying wines.

Space for many

We offer
space for 34 people in the restaurant
space for 24 people in the stübli
space for 10 people at the roundtable
space for 50 people in the garden.

15 parking lots are available for our guests. The station and the bus stop are only a few minutes from the restaurant.

Peter and Luzia Aeschlimann run this business as a branch of the well-known Wirtshus zum Wyberg in Teufen, canton of Zurich.

Takeaway specials

In addition, we offer our guests different takeaway options
  • vacuum-sealed dishes for re-heating
  • or classic takeaway menus to pick up and eat fresh
Opening hours
Friday to Tuesday
11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Wirtschaft zum Schöntal
Gublenstrasse 2
8494 Bauma
Tel +41 52 386 11 17
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